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Age: from 18 years Number of dives: 10

Prerogatives: 60m maxi

The N3Level FFESSM is the highest diving grade.

The Level 3 course brings you practical and theoretical elements that supplement the experience acquired at Level 2 thereby enabling you to acquire the skills and the rigour required for diving in total autonomy.

The Level 3 course is a package deal comprising 10 technical dives, the rental of the bottles for the length of the course, the boat trips to the diving sites, theoretical lessons, the final exam as well as all administration costs except for the FFESSM licence.

PRICE: training N3 & CMAS ***- 650 €

10 package dives + theory + certification + training book


4 level training will give you access to the first level of coaching.

A N4 has the skills and the knowledge to qualify as a guide in a group of divers to a depth of 40m and to even act as an instructor down to 20m if he holds a first level club certificate. The Level 4 is a prerequisite to access the federal instructor courses.

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Traineeship N4 & CMAS *** (from 18 years old) 680 €
Final internship and exams (technical skills must be validated) - practice, theory exams and certification

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The educational approach of the Dive Guide program uses practical situations, feedback and flexibility. The objective is to train Operational professionals, polyvalent and tradesmen. Dive Guides SSI can, abroad, supervise and guide certified divers
In addition, after completing the Certified Snorkeling Instructor certification, a Dive Guide can teach and deliver Snorkeling Certifications.


Dive Guide plus Specialty Program Diving Theory (Science of Diving) equals Divemaster. Divemasters abroad can perform Try Scuba (in swimming pool only) and help SSI Instructors in swimming pool / protected environment and during training in the natural environment under their direct supervision.

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PADI Divemaster

The Divemaster is the first level of professional. He plays a key role in the organization of PADI training.

The Divemaster helps train student divers in collaboration with the instructor. He supervises the patented divers.

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