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Nitrox Courses

Nitrox courses enable you to broaden your knowledge by studying the fabrication and the use of gas mixtures with a high oxygen content.

These courses comprise theoretical and practical lessons to enable you to acquire a broad knowledge of Nitrox and its numerous possible uses, i.e. decreasing the number of decompression stops, increasing the duration of diving times or providing more security during decompression – discover the multiples uses of Nitrox.

Elemental Nitrox and Air Enriched

Number of dives: 2

Prerogatives: according to the mixture

Required level: N1, CMAS * or Open Water Diver

PRICE:Elementary Nitrox Course 155 €

2 technical dives + theory + certification + training book package - Nitrox32 inflations included

Nitrox confirmed

Number of dives: 4

Prerogatives: according to the mixture

Required level: N2 or CMAS **

PRICE:Course Nitrox confirmed249

4 technical dives + theory + certification + training book package - Nitrox inflation included


RIFAP stands for Reactions and Interventions in the Event of a Dive Accident. Training oriented towards the safety and rescue of a diver. Of course, this training is reserved for federation members. It is mandatory from level III and for all supervisors.
The RIFAP is composed of technical rescue modules and organization in the water. as well as notions of first aid-

The React Right program is SSI's emergency training program, which includes the following basic elements: Primary Assessment, First Aid Skills and CPR, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and the Administration of First Aid. oxygen for diving emergencies. At the end of this program, you will obtain the React Right SSI Specialty certification.

The PADI EFR course meets the requirements for CPR and first aid training for the PADI Rescue Diver course and all professional levels.
Most PADI Instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructors.

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